Why we are slaves to the Matrix – #3 it wants to KILL cash!

This is a BIG issue!

It may seem too far away to worry about but they, the Matrix, will be coming with this a lot sooner than we suspect.

The discussion is on, world-wide, to build support to rid, BAN, cash!

In Denmark they are seriously working / thinking on banning cash … step by step (http://qz.com/399531/denmark-hopes-to-boost-its-economy-by-eliminating-cash/). Elsewhere the discussion is on how banning cash will kill off cash related crime, hamper money laundering, stamp out tax evasion and the black market, ….

There is of course some truth to the above. But let’s weigh the price of such a move:

  • 100% control by the system (government, central banks, tax offices, etc) over our ability to hold liquid funds, remove or transfer them
  • 100% tracking of where, how, on what, etc we spend our money
  • 100% ability to manipulate interest rates
  • 100% ability to determine the value of our funds (devalue via inflation, etc)
  • forcing everyone to be tied to a bank account – yep more tracking
  • forcing everyone to use cards, smartphone technology (even better tracking of what we do), etc to exist and live

Matrix cash ban

Yes, the TOTAL surveillance of our every move. Or, put another way, the total destruction of our (economic, and more) freedom. It would be the coup for the Matrix, a huge move.

Oh, and the elderly, those who can’t handle technologies, cards, & co.? Those (also not erdely) who don’t want this? Well, basically “stuff them” is the message. Survival of the robotic fittest.

Just plain sick and very very scary!

Think about this. Form your opinion and position. And be ready to march against this when they try it in your country.

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