Health Tip – #5> Vitamine C is crucial

We humans have lost the ability to produce and retain vitamine C, for example a leopard produces about 7.5 gram daily, we 0 gram, we loose it instead.

Most believe in their definition of a so called “balanced diet” and that they receive enough of this vital vitamin. Unfortunately we can’t be safely sure of how much we are receiving in our foods. These days the overall nutritional values of our foods have declined significantly (poor soils, over industrialisation, etc). On top, long transport routes and storage for many vegetables and fruits mean serious losses of contained vitamine C (not just this of course), e.g. spinach stored for 2 days looses some 79% of its vitamine C. Of course cooking, heat, etc do the rest!

Deficiencies in vit. C can show up in;

  • acute and chronic infections
  • chronic infection illnesses, e.g. arthritis
  • digestion problems
  • by people after operations
  • by smokers
  • not just concerning colds & flu!
  • ….

From my research and in discussion with my MDs it is never a bad idea to boost your vit. C. I personally take 2000 mg a day (2 tablets), my family 1 per day. Apparently we can take 6000 mg a day without any concern of overdosing. Just one caution, don’t buy the cheap vit. C products in the supermarkets, drug stores, etc. They are often laced with sugars, artifical colourings, etc.

Example only - what I personally take
Example only – what I personally take

An essential vitamine not to be ignored. And forget anyone brushing this topic / you off with the term “… as long as you have a balanced diet ..”. They (also mainstream MDs) nor you know if you are eating “balanced” – the parties involved are clueless unless blood values are dietary habits are seriously tested.

Have your blood values tested for essential minerals, elements, vitamines, etc and I suggest a tablet or two of quality vit. C irrespective is a good measure!

For serious deficiencies vit. C infusions will be needed – just so you know that this is also possible. Oral take up via tablets is fine for light deficiencies but is inadquate for serious cases.

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