Why we are slaves to the Matrix -#2 Can anyone really exit the system?

Don’t know about you but I have always had an incredible urge to exit this system. Simply to dump all, step out, leave everything our system stands for;

  • just dont’s (noticed, do’s are rare)
  • “authority”
  • corruption
  • vested interests
  • greed & money
  • materialism
  • the “drudge” – work, spend, work again, in & out, saving … hmm
  • ……

A little romantic, a little dreamy, mabye even unrealistic. But none the less a natural instinct driving & longing for a crying “OUT!!!!”. Back to the roots as it were, to nature, to peace and a rhythm driven by the sun, moon and sky.

Hmm. Read a lot on people who have tried their exit. The hippies through to current time individuals and groups. Respect to all! BUT, have they, can we, really fully exit this global system?

100%? I haven’t come across this yet. 90% has been about the best. Why? There are some basic reasons:

  • land, even if “owned” is never really owned. You don’t pay your taxes / rates on it it will be taken from you – with force if need be
  • full subsistence living – very difficult. usually some things need to be bought in, often a lot
  • medical help, yep true independence here is also a challange (more on this later in the Blog, i.e how to become more self reliant in healing)
  • grow stuff, make stuff & sell it to buy external needs? Yes, but don’t overdo it, you’ll have to pay tax! Oh, and keep records, file returns, etc …

Short, even if we wanted to fully escape its virtually impossible. The Matrix has us by the preverial “balls” – feels like it doesn’t it.

The Matrix has drawn lines on the maps, called them “nations”. Ours? No, not really, theirs! Any land out there that is not owned, controlled? Nope. It has taken our raw freedoms so that money is needed (more or less), so that we “need” the systems essentials.

Trapped! Are we?

To reverse this “borg” monster, a massive collective needs to develope! If we can’t break it, maybe we can change it.

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