Health Tip #4 > How my wife beat her weight problems – no diet scheme, no costs, permanant & no hunger!

This is a personal experience post on how my wife solved her weight issue.

She lost 20kG over 6 months as a side effect of our changing our way of eating.

It started like this. We both had our health checked (a total check) by our Natural MD (she is a full MD who uses high tech diagnosis and natural solutons). We had both accumulted some health issues (over decades of “normal foods” – which fill but make ill … we now know!) and were told that we both had Candida (a condition that affects some 70% of the Western population – due to the processed & sugary foods). This condition seriously damages our immune system (damage to the gut flora). We were told to change our ways of eating if we wanted to “get back on track”. We took the words seriously! And changed our diets.

The 1st few weeks were a bit of a challenge (no big deal though) and there after …. hey, this is easy. This is what we changed, no rocket science, just a shift to better eating:

  1. approx. 80% vegies (salads, wok, veg casseroles, green smoothies, and various other recipies)
  2. included in 1. above some fruits
  3. fish fairly often
  4. grass fed red meats about once a week (for Vegaterian & Vegan – of course no need on 3-5)
  5. eggs & egg dishes, yes
  6. nuts – mixed
  7. dairy is ok, we prefer to avoid cows milk though
  8. NO sugars (cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, … basically all sweet stuff). After about 6 weeks of this YOU WILL NOT MISS sweet things!!!
  9. NO grain related carbs, i.e. no breads (every now & then whole organic full grain is ok – like once a week) and no noodles (here also every now & then whole organic full grain is ok – like once a week). We avoid grain foods generally!
  10. reduced wines, beers, etc. They contain sugars (natural) & carbs.

That’s it!

We fixed our health issues (there were a number) with this and some natural suppliments. What we didn’t expect was the weight loss “side effect”. It was massive.

My wife had been literally fighting with her weight (“post children weight gain”) for about 20 years using various diets, products, “eat the half” strategies, etc, etc. She had given up and accepted the excess weight.

Now she is at her ideal BMI … on the light end of the allowed area.

She (we) are not hungary (you can eat more than you want) and now have the above eating plan well set into our routine! No diet products, no diet plan companies, no yoyo schemes.

Don’t be fooled by the diet industry (yes about $60 billion p.a. just in the US) nor by the fake “diet” foods.

diet industy's lies

Just move to a healthier way of eating – you save money, boost your health (big time), and will benefit from lower med. bills, avoiding serious ills (seriously reduced risk), and will age a whole lot better.

One final point, we do exercise regularly – nothing extreme (swimming, cross-trainer, walking, etc), we’re mid fifties! Regulary exercise is also a crucial element of staying healthy.

3 thoughts

  1. Great advice my friend.

    I often find myself wandering the isles of Supermarkets, trying to discern what I can actually purchase. Sometimes I can be there for 30 minutes and get to the check-out with only two or three items. The monopolisation of the food chain is astronomical. Almost everything is sourced by a handful of unethical megalith companies, and all of that originates from Monsanto-type hybrid sources.

    I see less and less ‘organic’ products on the shelves, and even those I do see I often avoid. The term ‘organic’ is so diluted by marketing.

    It would be very easy to feel isolated in present times and resentful of the direction ‘society’ has taken, however I look at it more in a positive way by comparing how healthy I feel inside and out, to how I perceive the majority of others.
    The modern ‘lifestyle’ is literally destroying people, and even at best, converting them into clones, bereft of individuality.

    I am heartened to read of your journey and wish you every success forward.

    Peace always


    1. Thank you Starfall.
      I find your experiences interesting and also of concern. I fully agree on the food chain risks.
      Sometimes I just observe the public, I step aside as it were and just watch. What do I see, a surprising level of people who are visibley ill or not in the “best state of condition”.
      I agree that what the system is doing to “its” populace is literally a crime.
      Replies like your’s pep me up though, thanks! 🙂


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