Why we are slaves to the Matrix – #1

I present here short points of evidence & thought as to how we are slaves to our own system. This series will go on to an unknown count of “#” posts!

Anyway, here’s #1

It starts with our indoctrination from birth – our parents who believe in the system will raise us in what they (I mean the system) see as “right”.

It gets really serious when we start primary school. We are taught (indoctrinated);

  • our nation is “ours” …. the lines are drawn on paper and called “our” borders as they “always” were …
  • our “nation” is always right …..
  • our “government” is “democratically” empowered to represent us … it is “good” and the “authority” … we (also the minority) are to follow and obay at all times … if not humans will be placed in cages
  • humankind is the “master” of “our world” … we can change, use and do what we want with this planet
  • all material (books, etc) are the “truth” …

I could go on forever.

We ARE brainwashed from our birth (I too)!

No wonder most (like 99%) have a real issue when for example the whole concept of “authority” and “governmet” is even questioned.

Think about it!

The Matrix (we) are ruining this planet, wars abound, poverty and illness are rampant, greed and materialism thrive, debt is exploding, an even smaller group of few contol the rest … AND IT ALL STARTS AT BIRTH.

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