Interesting things to know on Health – a tipp per day! Tip #3

Did you know that our Gut Flora bacteria (80% of our immune system) weights about 2 KG? If you were to lay it out on the ground it would cover half a tennis court!

And I just found this out the other day. The bacteria in our gut acts like a training ground (“boot camp”) for our killer cells, etc. That is, new immune cells are exposed to the gut bacteria and trained to identify & deal with pathegens. If the new immune cell is good it is allowed to move on to work for us, if not it’s “exited”. A healthy and balanced gut bacteria thus is essential to building & training our immune cells, a damaged gut flora means our immune system is in dire straights!

If you immune system is damaged (and believe me you will not realise this over years, or decades – like me) you are exposed to all sorts of ills, some really ugly and life threatening.

I damaged my gut flora over decades via (what I now know) poor diet and ill prescriben antibiotics. After a complete change in diet and suppliments (planned & agreed with my MD) I’m now way better off. This after 7 months. Still more work ahead though! You just don’t repair decades of abuse at a click of the fingers!

Eat whole natural and unprocessed foods (anything in a package and labled with ingredients you can’t understand – DON’T TOUCH IT). Avoid sugars or at least cut them down (a lot). Go organic where possible.

More on gut flora, probiotics and its enemies later on.

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