Global ground water supplies in dire danger!

I got this from the Financial Times a couple of days ago. See attachment.

We really are wrecking our planet, directly (see, e.g. Calfornia using ground water so extremely that the land there is literally dropping) or indirectly. According to the Matrix (yes, it’s likely worse) a third of the ground water reservious are in “serious stress. 21 of the worlds largest 37 aquifers are stressed and have passed the sustainability tipping point!


I’ll leave you to ponder on this. It’s scary, I find anyway.

What can we do. Hmm, short showers, recycle if possible, use tap water (with a quality filter if needed) rather than bottled water (firms such as Nestle waste extreme amounts of water for their bottling plants AND do not use BPA free plastics – note! Plastic bottles will poison you very sowly). I won’t even mention lawn watering, etc.

What is the Matrix doing overall about this? NOTHING.

Oh, yes it is! It’s making money from the situation. More to come too!

Sick & sad!

Global water supplies ar…cientists warn – FT

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