Interesting things to know on Health – a tipp per day! Tip #2

I just have to post this. I was at my doctor today for the high dose Vit. C infusion (more on this & other suppliments in a later tipp) and read a report on food quality in a (German) book on Burnouts.

An analysis was performed on 8  vegtetables (potatoes, spinach, broccoli, etc) concerning the levels of essential elements / minerals they contain. Values were compared from tests done in 1985 V’s 2002.

Get this! On average the values had fallen by about 65-70%. The lowest fall was 12% the highest 95%. So, in a time frame of just 17 years the nutritional value of essential vegetables had dropped seriously! The values in 1985 were also surely not optimal, but the rate of decline was SHOCKING.

Now this is one table I read by chance, and of course different areas and samples, etc will yield different results. None the less another piece of evidence that the industrialisation of our food is a serious issue!

What can we do? Eat organic, buy local, more vegies (volume to compensate), and think about high quality suppliments (after being analysed via a simple blood test at your MD) – more on this later.

So, I ask, is this all planned? We are receiving less of what we need to stay healthy. I see the next decades producing more illnesses (we see this now in the dramatic rises in cancer, autoimmune ills, allergies, etc). Ah, yes, you say we are living longer! True (statistically … hmm), and no wonder as the “keep ’em alive” medicine is always improving. But at the same time we are becoming sicker.

The Matrix loves this.

Earn big bucks selling lower quality foods (forced detours to organic & high volumes), earn big bucks fixing us (well symptom treatment only in the mainstream medicine) & keeping us going longer (older but sick). Oh, and if we really get ill (cancer & co.), now that’s a great money spinner!

Sick but true!

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