Interesting things to know on Health – a tipp per day! Tip #1

Dear readers,

My learn curve on health over the last 9 months has been literally “vertical”. After antibiotics poisoning, cancer cell excess, yeast pathegens, mercury poisoning, and other issues I’m doing fine thanks to 2 great MDs, heaps of heavy research, and exiting the pharma / medical Matrix. There are lots of new things I have learnt which have re-built my health and just as importantly have set me (and my wife) on a new path so we can age well over the next decades.

I want to share this with you. It may just re-set your approach to health or at least get you thinking.

Tip #1> sounds boring & “yeah yeah” but it’s soooo true. “We are what we eat”! 

I have learnt that what I have been eating (the last at least 40 years) was about 50 -70% rubbish. Thought it was “balanced” …. what a load of …! Rather than saying what was bad or “wrong”, etc here is what was changed & why.

  1. about 80% vegies & fruit (weighting on vegies) – fibers, enzymes, vits, crucial elements, etc – best where possible organic
  2. if meat (no must here!) then about once per week (twice is also not bad) – NO pork and NO mass animal farm produce (super high risk of antibiotics, GMOs via feed, other pathegens, and eating a tortured animal can’t be good & shouldn’t be encouraged). Best organic grass fed meats
  3. Organic eggs are fine (again no must) – gives a lot of flex in meal preperation
  4. NO (added) sugars. See my post titled “What cancer cells just love”. We eat NO cake, no cookies, sweets (except real Stevia dark chocolate), soda’s (coke, pepsi & co.). And, guess what, we don’t miss it all. We are now a little like the US Indians who became ill after trying the white mans sweet stuff. To us, straight black coffee actually now tasts lightly sweet!
  5. We drink pure water, some coffee & herb teas, a little good wine
  6. Nuts are great, a good source of energy & calories (you’ll need these not just for nutrition but also to compensate the loss of “trash calories” if you switch away from sweet things, processed factory foods, etc, etc)
  7. We avoid breads & noodles in general. Especially todays poor nutritional wheat types. If breads / pasta then full corn (best unchanged varities) & organic
  8. plenty of good oils (olive, flax seed, etc) & herbs / spices

I could go on and on but this is it in a nutshell.

RESULT: no haemorrhoid problems anymore (after about 25 years of suffering) – a major lift in quality of life, no yeast pathegens (means no stomach issues anymore and other things), cancer cell count is back to “normal”, skin condition improved (now great), bowel rythem is very good, immune system is better, and so on. This way of eating helped my wife loose 20Kg within 6 months without those typical diets, a permanent change that has brought her back to an optimal BMI etc – she’s happy about this (after about 25 years of fighting weight – post kids)

Over the next days, weeks and months I’ll be listing more tips from personal experience – heaps on the topic healt with some real secrets from other nations also. And, no product selling here = truely objective and no bought-out interets!

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