Geo-engineering. Is it really happening?

Now this is a topic that I am really grappeling with.

There are groups of people reporting that geo-engineering (manipulation of the climate via, e.g. spraying various chemicals into the atmostphere) has been, is, and will continue to take place. These groups are rather active in the US, but also here in Europe. Is this true? Could it be true or do these groups have nothing better to do? Btw. I have full respect for these people and respect those who question everything!

I am an auditor, I question everything and try to verify things that I personally target. This topic is a real challenge! Over the next weeks I will be in contact with someone who is doing his doctor title in meterology in Frankfurt. I’m going to quiz him on this to see if light can be spread on the matter! I’ll be reporting as soon as I have new data.

I always have my compact camera with me to capture Matrix relevant material. This morning I watched the sky. It was perfect blue & sunny (rather rare for Germany). After a while streaky straight line “clouds” appeared in odd patterns. Hmm. I took a few shots, one of which is include with this post.

trails not dispersing

Looked odd, especially since some normal white clouds were also present at a lower altitude. I watched planes leaving there trails, which just kept going and NOT dispersing. Trails across the sky which stayed and wide spread. Hmm. I thought maybe the evaperating of the water vapor was not possible at the altitudes, etc.

About 30 minutes later I walked our dog (btw. she’ll be in the fun section soon!) and observed another 2 planes leaving vapor trails. They were also at the same level altitudes. The difference this time was that their trails disappeared shortly behind the planes. This is what I’m used to seeing over all the years. See 2nd photo.

Vapor trail dispersing

Now the temperature had not changed, nor the weather in total at all.

So why the differences? Why the differences in types of clouds (I mean massive divergences)? Are we here in Germany also experiencing chem-trail geo-engineering?

I don’t know but am suspicious. Enough so to want to check this matter.

Here is a clip from “Truthstream Media” on the matter.

What makes me very suspicious is the fact that the scientists in the video don’t even deny that geo-engineering exists. Indeed it must be concluded from this footage that it does indeed! The debate in the clip is wether they use cloud seeding to deploy toxins or not. Petty disgusting thought hey!?

I can only say this. I know the system and wouldn’t be surprised at all if the globalists are also doing all they can to dark-out our sun to slow down the carbon cost debate. I won’t even get into more sinister topics like depopulation (link to toxins) …. that is for another post,

I’ll stay on this and report. Refer also to the recommended websites for data on this also.

(PS: There are reports of massive microwave programmes manipulating the weather. These are being blamed in part on the drought in California)

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