The event that taught me something is wrong with our system

About 18 months ago I went to my Urologist (issue – chronic bacterial prostritis). The MD knew only one form of treatment – antibiotics. The first charges were unsuccessful. He then did a test for resistance and found the bacteria were resistant to what he had prescribed. Then the third load, strong antibiotics. They also failed. Well they actually almost killed (chest / lung infection, etc). I survived but was worse than before.

I came accross (by pure luck / chance) a book by a UK MD. He described how the use of antibiotics devastates the gut flora. He described how the gut bacteria (the good types) are crucial to our immune systems. In fact they account for 70-80% of our immune system. If they get destroyed then we are basically very exposed to any illness, from flews to cancer, etc.

I did a lot of reading / research for months and was shocked (more on the dramatic results in following health posts). After learning about gut flora, cancer causes, natural treatments, etc. it became clear to me that our medical and pharma industries are corrupt, bought out, indeed criminal. I discovered that had I remained with that one MD I would likely now be dead or seriously ill. I know this via my new Urologist (a biologist, chemist, and MD) and Natural Medicine MD (she is both a classic MD, uses full technology, but applies only natural remidies). I know that the ex-MD has for sure deaths on his account!

Applying my knowledge of how the corporate world works (greed & profit) and this experience, I felt like an ignorant moron. I SHOULD HAVE SEE THIS WAY EARLIER. People are being treated for almost everything in a system of corrupt bought out interests. Those with serious illnesses are dying as a result. The medical system (there are a few exceptions) and pharma interests push their chemical products, e.g. concerning cancer they cut (surgery), burn (radiation) and poison (chemo) and will not inform of better treatment alternatives. Billions in profits are placed way above millions of lives.

I guess I need to be greatful to the ex MD, he led me and my wife on a whole new dietary course and path of treatment / medicine which has solved numerous health issues. An added benefit for my wife, she has lost 20Kg naturally, without yoyo dieting and eating all & what she wants (we follow the Paleo diet). She is now at optimal weight.

Conclusion: the Matrix is killing, literally.

I now know that the system or Matrix kills people, in BIG numbers.

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