Greece – we’re all being taken for a ride!

A short note on the Greek debt circus.

Those in power knew all along that Greece was bankrupt long ago. They still gave it funds – yep your funds … Now it’s omg panic, mabye it’ll go wrong …. What a load of mainstream media BS!

The media plays the tune of the globalist elite … spread panic so the globalists can short the markets = big money. THEN, oh, what a huge surprise, they make new deal. Here the globalists either go long the markets or just sell the lower priced securities (from the dip earlier) at the now rally prices = big money.

Merkel & co. (Hollande, etc) can’t possibly be held accountable for loosing billions of taxpayer Euros, noooo, that can’t be. So a deal must happen, well at least to cover the next few years until she’s out.

Oh, and the Greeks. Amasing! They should have impossed capital controls long ago (not that I support that sort of Matrix dictator logic). Nooooo, they wait and wait so that those corrupt can get their money out of the banks. The only dumb ones left will be the common folk.

So, this game is all over the place. Where and how will it end??? No idea.

I’ve learnt however not to believe the mainstream press. Why bother reading it all all.

The Matrix sucks the majority!

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