Recommended Websites – Listing

Dear followers,

Here is my listing of recommended websites which I personally follow. They are largely American, hmm, maybe because the that is where the Matrix center is and where the most fixing needs to be done? Anyway, some are great and give a good alternatnative to mainstream media.

This listing will be updated whenever I find new worthy sites:

  • The Daily Sheeple – an excellent news source on the Matrix as it really is>

  • Natural News – from the “Health Ranger” – top articles on health realated matters>

  • Truth Stream Media – similar the the daily sheeple but with a different style>

  • The Zen Gardner – a fasinating guy and visionist. His motto “question everything”

  • Info Wars – a packed web site with TV / Radio, blogs, videos, etc. Very Texas weighted and may not fully agree with all of you but Alex Jones surely packs a punch to the Matrix

  • The Truth About Cancer – a great site if you or someone you know has cancer. The fantastic video series (11 sessions) are a masterpiece for education and collecting data on alternative treatments. A number of these are on YouTube. These videos opened my eyes on the corrupt cancer industry and how it has caused millions of deaths & suffering.

More to come!

The Matrix Auditor

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