Our bought out media

Hi, back from a short break.

During my days traveling I started a book (in German “Gekaufte Journalisten” = Bought Journalists). I’m only about a quarter through but wow! It exposes just how corrupt & bribed (bought) the German media (all big time news sources) really is. The author is an ex from the FAZ (the largest most renound paper) who admits to having taken bribes and special positions in comittees, etc. The book is quite unique – a true wistle blower account.

Basically all mainstream media sources in Germany are proved to be corrupt by this guy. The media is nothing other than an instrument for elite interests (big business – who controls the politicians, etc). He certainly makes a valid point when he notes that it’s irrelevant which mainstream paper you pick up, they are all largely producing the same articles. Individual journalism is something you need to search for, independant reporting … don’t make me laugh.

I’ve been reading for months now that the same is the case in the US. I guess this is a world wide (Western likely) situation.

This is just a quick post, another piece of the mosaic picture of our bought out system aka Matrix.

My summary message here: “Question everything!”

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