Escape & go beyond

Following from my last “Step Out” post here is some more food for thought.

If you practice stopping and looking at the Matrix around you, you start to get the feeling that for a moment you are outside the machine. You may feel neutral, free, maybe irritated by the rambling. What ever, you will have embarcked on a potential journey to self freedom!

Let’s take this further.

If you believe in a “world” beyond our short life time and 4 dimentions (the 3D plus time) you must by pure logic view our current life span as something like just a short trip which may actually be meaningless.

Btw. if you don’t believe in new dimentions after we “exit” our physical lives then you are either a super genius who knows what lies beyond or just sadly very, shall we say, damaged by life. You are then one of many. Sad. You may ask “how do I know” there is something beyond? Well, apart from an instinct (a true faith as opposed to a faith that exists just because I was told so) that tells me so I also have accounts of the “spirit world” within my own family – on this very fasinating topic I will blog soon.

Back to getting beyond. I read a book not so long ago, a very powerful book, actually the most powerful I have ever read. I may not mention its title nor other details as this is the explicit wish of the (yes) unknown author (14th century) unless I am reasonably sure that the next reader will take his work seriously. He demands that the book only be passed on to others who the reader knows are sincere of heart and truely wish for what is called the “Contemplative Life”. If you can imagine sincerely practicing that below then please read the book  titled “The Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Privy Counselling” (e.g. at

Here are my the suggested steps to “escape & go beyond”;

  1. you need to accept that there is a life / existance beyond the physical one we are currently in. If you don’t, or are in the “never really thought about it” mode you may want to engage in this matter ……. it just happens to potentially deal with eternity. That’s a big ticket item, something worth contemplating, wouldn’t you say!? If you do believe you may want to check the quality / sustainability of that belief!
  2. this next step has a lot to do with the camel and the eye of a needle verse in the bible. That verse ALWAYS bothered me, I found it “concerning” and a real challange! It took some 40+ years to finally understand it. And, that understanding is I believe directly connected to step 2. If we are possessed / driven by worldly wealth then we will never by free. By this I mean the sate where one is literally driven by money, possessions such as cars, property, “things”, etc. Where one’s life is actually driven, controlled, or dominated by the gaining, multiplication, and ownership of assets then one is fixated and not capable to discover love and our creator. This does not mean having to do away with the means of life, but it does mean having to view these things as just functional matters for life, but not things to be “worshiped”! And this is the action needed in this step – to literally forget this life, the things around us (the whole matrix), the “active life” as it were. That just we as we are (“nacked”) is all that we have. We only own our spirit / soul and the temple for that spirit (our body). All, literally ALL else is just borrowed!
  3. Leaving all that surrounds us behind, closing a door on it, or leaving it behind in ever more clouds of mist (step 2), we now turn forward and seek God. Mankind cannot and will never understand “him”, those that perport to do so are to be ignored! We never will understand so we must stop all attempts to try, it is fruitless. It is also irrelevant, totally. All we need to do is to desire with all our heart to be near or touch the perfect love of our Lord. To try to be near the perfect warm caring light, that is the goal. This goal will never be fully achieveable in the physical life, and indeed a challengle there after. None the less with enduring practice one can get closer. Just a particle of this experience is enough to free one from the meaningless noise of the system! PS: this desire to reach must be fully selfless and encompass complete sincerity.

With this approach to faith (as I see it) the need for institutions (man made organisations) also becomes, if not irrelevant, almost so. Here we need not however forget the good work and basis teachings that these groups perform. I am however cautious as all that is from humankind is to be questioned!

If we all reset our “meaning of life” the world would be truely a beautiful place, for all.

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