Why we should take cancer seriously and not pretend it won’t hit “me”!

Adding to my last note on this topic.

In the US 1 in 2 men and nearly the same for women will be diagnosed with cancer in their life times. In Europe it’s a minimum of 1 in 3 (both sexes). These rates are forecast to increase (and this excludes autoimmune deseases, and other plagues of our western societies). Amasing and truely of concern.

So, why does nearly everyone literally pretend that cancer won’t “get them”? 1 in 2 or 1 in 3, now that is a little too high to be totally ignored, wouldn’t we say?! But this is what the majority of us (myself included until a marker test revealed a potential risk – now better, but it surely got me interested) do. Push that ugly thought away, can’t do anything about it anyway, etc..

I think it surely makes a lot of sense to get informed about cancer and to try to live in a manner to reduce the risks as much as possible. No panic, no stress, just conscience application of changes needed to reduce risk. From my own research (months of it and intensive consultation with some excellent doctors) the risks stemm from largely 3 areas;

  1. what we eat & related toxins (not ignoring environmental factors)
  2. lack of sport / movement
  3. a mind that is never (or raely) at peace

There are of course other areas but 3 will do for now.

I think what we eat is possibly responsible for about 70% of the risk. The last 4 or so decades have seen amasing rises in the consumption of processed “foods”. Added to this GMO’s (genetically modified organisims), ever more pesticides, and poorer soils due to industrialisation. Not just GMO’s are an issue, also changed seeds to aid the industrialisation goals, e.g. wheat. This grain is not what it used to be prior to the 60’s, indeed too much of it in your diat can cause some real issues!

Over the decades less and less sport / movement is generally taking place (on average – there are of course exceptions). TV, computers, heaps of cars, no time, convenience everywhere, etc, etc, are all encouraging too little movement (for ever more poor quality & the wrong type of food energy).

Then of course I see more and more people totally stressed out, I call them “intensives”. They go through life without calm. They freak out quickly at silly things, they lack focus on what the meaning of life is (for later blogs), so busy in the Matrix that they may even belong to the “living dead” – or grey zones of this anyway.

The combination of risk factors, in this case poor foods (toxins, sugars & cheap carbs, DNA damaging elements, etc), poor fitness, and a mind never at peace, can all add up to tilt the scales one day to cancer (and or other illnesses).

My plea to all. Please look after the wonderful temple (body) you have been granted.

  1. try eating only whole natural foods (where possible organic) – plenty of vegies (bitter ones are great), some fruits, and every now & then grass fed based meats. Good oils and spices. Those who eat only plant based – great also! Drop as much as absolutely possible all sugars & “cheap” carbs (low nutritian grains – breads etc). PS: If you do this weight issues will become a thing of the past.
  2. move as much as possible, stairs, bike, jog, walk, etc.. Get that heart working via safe sport at least 3 times a week.
  3. Find a way to calm and re-focus that mind. Meditation, spirituality, etc. This is possibly the most challenging area. More to come on this area … I’ll try that is

This is very compact. More will follow but I wanted to give some thoughts for a start. I haven’t touched on what happens when people become ill – that is a whole different area – for most a horror movie (care of medical big business who see no profit model in alternative & natural healing possibilities – by the way also high tech!).

To wrap-up. After a lot of reading, research, and personal experience I just wonder on a range of questions. One for example, why are millions encouraged (directly and indirectly) to eat rubbish, are not informed (see above)? People are not stupid, quite the opposite, and they will act if their health is on the line. Are the people purposely being kept in the dark? Are they being manipulated? Are they being steared? Hmmm. I know how big business works. I suspect very strongly that people are being compromised for profit & market share!

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