Guess what cancer cells just love?!

I didn’t know this till about 6 months ago. 99% of people I mention this to don’t know it. It is super simple to remember and super simple to consider for your eating habits.

Cancer cells (which we all have in our bodies – we destroy about 10 billion of these per day) just LOVE sugar. They use / need about 31 times more sugar than normal healthy cells.

So, if any of you just happen to be not in optimal health (heaps more on this later) and may have pre-cancerous conditions (virtually everyone doesn’t know unless they have tumour marker tests done regularly), then if you eat too many sugars (sweets, cakes, cokes, low complex carbs, e.g. white breads – actually most breads, etc, etc) you will be feeding your cancer cells optimally!

This is a short “heads up” and a lot more will be written on the subject. But this is a simple thing to keep in mind.

PS: Big business impacted by your consumption of their rubbish (sorry “food”) do not like this sort of talk. Nor does the pharma and medical industries. Make money making you sick and make money treating you! What a great business model!

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