Have you ever “stepped out”?

Have you ever stopped for a few moments and just looked around, stopped thinking, stopped listenening to all the noise & images, put your phone down – basically stepped aside and just watched the others? If you try this congratulations! You may be on the first step to seeing just how we have become sheep in the system.

I first did this when I started working at my first firm. I left the main station (Melbourne back then) and was walking to the office (a typical tower down town). Suddenly I just stopped. Looking across the street I saw hundreds of “me’s”, guys and some women largely in grey (suits), brief cases, and all smarted up – but looking like robots. All marching the same, not thinking, and not living. Even back then (about 32 years ago) I didn’t like what I saw. I came up with a term, “the living dead”.

After some 10 minutes I joined in, became one of them!

Some 29 years later (when I “stepped out”) I realised that that 1st image, thought about the living dead was actually and instinctive warning. I ignored it and made career, until I couldn’t go on any more.

How much time did I waste? Was the robot time living?

This is just the beginning – much more to come!

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